A gift of Poetry and Photo's from my home to yours! Peace, Love and Light, Linda

Fluid grace…
Beauty in motion…

Gliding and turning across an icy stage
Two bodies move as one,
Etching love letters on a crystal page.

© 1983 LMRN

Winter Scene - South Deerfield, MA


After the plow has turned the fields under,

The harvest of the heart yielding all it will,

They must lie fallow for a bit.

In the cold, dark winter of the soul
The spirit heals and is renewed.

Until the first dawn of Spring
When seeds of joy and peace and love

Bloom under a gentle hand.

© 12-01 LMRN York, Maine

Prayer flags in our yard


Harvest gold flora crunches

Beneath our boots

As we climb the rolling hills

That lead us to Dusk.

Like a great Victorian lady,

Sky wears a lace collar at her throat.

The intricate designs are held fast

By well-rooted birch and maple.

Atop the knoll we look

Down on a Robert Frost scene...

Farm houses punctuating the

Well-worked land.

Horses curiously watching
Our meanderings, perhaps wonder

Why we feel the need to work
So hard at “being”.

Amidst a snow ring,

The moon rises above us

While harvest gold flora crunches

Beneath our boots.

We "take the road less traveled"…

Crows and jays calling us back

To the warmth of friendship

Waiting at the kitchen table.

© 12/01 LMRN

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River Studios said…
Your words bring beautiful images and memories to mind...thanks!
Enjoy the season!
Hi Linda,
I could see the Ice Dancers dancing and melitng into each other. The icy chill warmed my heart. ;D

Very nice work.

May you continue to be blessed with the written word and let love light your way home.

Happy New Year my friend.

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