To resolve or not resolve, that is the question!

Many of you who know me well know that I am not one to follow blindly the trends of others. In fact, tenacity r' us, especially when I feel strongly about something. So it is, also, with some of our traditions.

Whoever came up with the idea that in order to make a resolution you have to give something up? Why do we take the negative view on things? It only defeats the purpose.

"Giving up" food we love, things we like to do, etc., sets us into a negative frame of mind. Is it no wonder that we fail to keep our resolutions?
Being positive, I believe, helps make things happen. If I resolve to allow myself more time to walk each day, I will eventually begin to see a change in my body. Exercise is good for the metabolism. This idea is so much more positive than, "I am not going to eat." The "not" is what gets us subconsciously.

Therefore, the resolutions I want to make this New Year's Eve are:

I will allow myself more time for walks, dancing and playing.

I will allow myself more time for friends and family.

I will recognize my Light and share it unfailingly with others.

I will recognize the Light in others and unfailingly affirm it.

I will be an instrument of Peace in all I say and do.

Now, accomplishing all this might be successful only 2/3's of the time, but, I believe, the success rate is much more likely with a positive frame of mind.

Like our little tree, pictured here, the storms of life may come, but we can still stand strong against the wind and allow our beauty to show.

Peace, Love and Happiness for the New Year.

Standing strong (and beautiful) against the storm.


River Studios said…
Beautifully put, Linda!
I'm always one for putting positive out and realizing that that's probably why there's positive that comes back and spreads from it!
Enjoy the New Year!!

Maithri said…
I think your light would shine in even the most enveloping darkness...

You are full of grace my friend,

You're amazing,

Much love, Maithri
Anonymous said…
That's a list worth keeping even 2/3. The power of your intentions and the strength of your resolve will see you through, like that little tree holding up in the snow!

Sending you blessings for big resolve and soft love. :)
Maithri said…
Theres an award for you at my place my friend,

Much love, M

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