Spent some time with my grandchildren last week.  What fun we had reading books, splashing in puddles, watching ants and racing cars across the living room rug.

As an educator, I love watching how the kids develop.  Their little minds just seem to run full tilt sometimes.  I was amazed to watch my grandchildren figure out problems by themselves.  I also enjoyed listening to their often profound questions.

Grandson #2 tested my ability to come up with creative answers, however.  "Why?" was his favorite question the entire time I was there. Made me wonder if his little mind ever rested. But, what a gift it is to have children that ask questions. (Even if they do drive you nuts sometimes!)

Here are some of the questions I danced around.

  • Why do ants like mud?
  • Why are you stay with us?
  • Why do you like to sing songs?
  • Meena, why are you Mommy's mommy?
  • Why can't I find my red car you gave me? (I have given him several, so finding the right one was a challenge!)
  • Why did you get me a Dory bag?
  • Why do you love me so much?
The last question was easy to any...What's not to love, I said.  To which my grandson promptly replied..."Why?!"



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