Springing Forth with Poems

Another Poem-a-day challenge has begun and I am so excited! First of all, because it means I am challenged to write at least one poem a day and secondly because I have been invited to teach poetry in my granddaughter's class.

For those who create, this time of year seems to reawaken the creative powers.  At least, I know this to be true for me.  The thing is, it create during winter, but it isn't the same as creating in the spring. For me, as the first full moon of spring rises, so do all these creative ideas! Poetry, crafts, painting and writing all seem to pour from me. 

So, in celebration (and thanksgiving) for being able to create and share those creations, here are two poems.  The first is the poem I wrote for the first day of the Poem-a-day challenge.  The prompt was to write about resistance.  The second is a poem in celebration of teaching children to love poetry.  Enjoy! 

Should I - 

take advantage of the sun 
warming the frozen earth 
littered with flotsam 
carried on winter winds? 
Should I 
grab the rake 
that stands like a sentry 
against the garden wall 
waiting to be called to duty? 
Should I 
begin the rituals of spring, 
or is it too early 
to clean the beds, 
looking for signs of life 
once again? 

© 4-2015 LMN 

The Poetry Lady 
The Poetry Lady 
loves lavender and lace, 
licorice and lollipops, 
laughter, lullabies and most especially, 
little people! 
She comes with her special bag 
brimming over with magic. 
Inside are volumes of words, 
each carefully placed, 
                 the other. 
A magic potion of 
rhyme, free verse, 
alliteration and onomatopoeia 
create wonderful word pictures.

The children sit before her 
and in an instant 
they are off on amazing adventures… 
houses cry and horses fly, 
things go bump in the night! 
love touches their hearts 
and rainbows fill the skies. 
The magic of poems 
brings them to days gone by, 
gives them glimpses of what might be 
and fills their minds 
with seeds of wonder! 

LMRN ©1994


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