Winter Blues

After living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I never thought I would be depressed because it hasn't snowed! The lack of white stuff here in New England is so disheartening.

What is it about snow that makes most people feel good? Could it be that the sparkling flakes create a fantasy world in the sunshine or moonlight? Or, is it that the child in us longs to run headlong into a snow drift rolling over, arms waving madly to create a snow angel?

It is gray out at the moment. It feels as if the world is in limbo. Nature isn't dead, but it's not alive and happy either. I have brought spring inside. There are paperwhites and amaryllis growing on my windowsill. They will lift me out of the doldrums once they bloom. Until then, I look for other signs of growth and renewal.

I don't have to look far. My daughter has sent an email with new pictures of my granddaughter attached. Suddenly, my life is filled with sunshine, fantasy, rebirth, re-creation and Light. Nothing fills me with delight like the smile on Addie's face. What a blessing!


Berta said…
Hi Linda, I see you have created your first post and the layout looks great. It is amazing how snow can be perceived by differet people. To me it is an "exotic" element since I live in the tropics and only see it if I travel North in December. I lived in Boston twice so had my share of snow then. A grand daughter, how wonderful!
Regards from a fellow B4Ber, Berta
Mary said…
Congratulations on your new blog, Linda. I'm looking forward to reading much more from you. I love snow too, but couldn't express it as poetically as you!
Cheers, Mary
nagora said…
Dear Linda, your 'Winter Blues'seems fascinating for me, as far as I was born in the Far East and lived in the Central Siberia in my childhood. The winter there lasted from September till early May. Though, things might be different now. I've been living in sunny and not that cold Ukraine for a long time for now. Nevertheless, I miss snow winter very much.

Congratulations on your own new blog. I hope to create one soon.

Stay happy and the best of luck!
Gladys Baya said…
HI Linda!
Your first post shows you're a talented writer... Though I've never lived in a snowy region, I've been to snowy places in winter, and your post brought about the magic of it all.
Looking forward to enjoying more entries from you,

Nina Liakos said…
Hi Linda,

Great start for your new blog! But who created the otehr blog I was looking at, the one with "Enough" and the poems? Didn't you create that one too?
Scott said…
congrats ma!
blogs are a little wierd to me but a lot of people are into them and I bet its a good way for you to talk to your friends and colleaugs, k well have fun!

loves and stuff
Beyza said…
Hi Linda,
I really liked your blog.I look forward to reading more entries from u.Congratulations!
Best Wishes

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