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To My Daughters On My Fiftieth Birthday

Many among us
Celebrate milestones by
Adding up the number of things
150 years in business,
7.5 million gold records,
25 Emmy nominations...

The experts count

After 50 years of life,
My greatest accomplishment
Is also my most prized

The four radiant gems
Held fast in the crown
Of my heart...

© 2003 LMRN


A Grandmother’s Birth

The day began as all others.
Responsibilities lay in wait as I rushed to meet them.
Daily tedium rained through the morning,
The gray skies of doubt and indecision placed
A pall over the Sunshine of Hope.

Just as I prepared for rest,
The call came to rush to our designated meeting.
Evening descended with fog and rain.
The sky shone white in the headlights
As I drove into the Light of Night.

Just as you pushed into Life,
I pushed wide the doors of your room.
Reaching your side, tears rained down,
Clouds of doubt and longing parted.
The Sun of Love glowed supreme.

The day began like no other,
The first day after my birth and yours.
Tears had given way to coos and smiles…
Mornings clouds mimicked the pink of your cheeks
As I held you close to my grandmother heart.

12/05 © LMRN



What happens once the
Brave knight rescues
The fair Maiden?

Has he lived for
Just one moment in time?

Sure there are the occasional
Dragons to slay
They are easily dealt with these days.

The Maiden
If she is worth anything,
Soon grows into
A Wise woman.

Not content to
Sit beside the hearth
Pining for the knight

She wanders the castle
Until she finds
The magic door
That releases her
Into the world of

But where does
This leave the knight
Who has built his
On one moment
Of fame and glory?

© 2006 LMRN

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Dear Linda,
The spiritual pilgrim, the fair maiden, the wise woman, the loving grandmother... and the fantastic poet! All that is you. It's a pleaure reading you.

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