Like Alice in Wonderland

I admit, I am a dinosaur when it comes to computers. I started back in the day of binary codes, reams of paper and little cards punched full of holes.

The first computer I worked on took up an entire room in the doctor's office I worked in. If we did a 'run' we had to leave it on over night and hope it did crash in the wee hours. I remember thinking it was so fast!

Now, here I am some thirty years later immerged in Blogging for Beginners (B4B)! I feel like Alice and I just fell down the rabbit hole! Technology is wonderful! But, watch out for the Mad Hatter! ("No time! No time!")

Looking at the blogs of other educators, I see how nicely this tool incorporates into a classroom. Obviously it takes lots of work, but what a gift to give our students! I can see blogs in elementary classrooms as a way for students to write and share without feeling the discomfort of standing in front of the class. I can also see it as a great tool for the bilingual student who needs extra reinforcement. What better way than by blogging!

The one place I am still fuzzy on is our Wiki site. I am not sure what I am supposed to be doing on it, if anything. I think I uploaded a photo on it, but I could be wrong. It is all so mysterious!

Opps, the Mad Hatter is sitting on my shoulder shouting, "No Time!" Guess I better end this blog and attend to the other tasks at hand.

Peace, Love and Blessings...L


Elizabeth said…
Hi Mom,
I think it is so admirable of you to take on the task of blogging. And I think you are right that it can be a useful tool for educational purposes. It can also be a good way for you to get feedback on your writing. Keep it up! I hope you are having fun with it. I love you
elizabeth_anne said…
hello fellow grandmother and TESOL blogger
I too used machines at the time of punch cards - while doing my Physics degree in the UK. I now live in France where I teach English to Physics students. I am greatly impressed by your writings. I still feel very uneasy about the "e-friends" attitude. There's something too unreal about writing to people you don't know - I guess I'll have to go into this deeper, because I really enjoyed both Karim's blog for his students, and your writing. Strange Strange ... though Gladys and co are doing a great job!
Berta said…
Wow, your muse is so beautiful. I love the picture. I also see your daughter visits your posts and encourages a lot. Congratulations. You are very lucky to have such caring family members. You are doing great and will visit you soon to enjoy your blog creations.
Chhers, Berta

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