Adventures in Gradual School

(Apologies to John Irving)

I got into creating this blog thanks to one of the faculty members of my concentration in the graduate program I am currently in at UMass Amherst. I knew there was no way I could go to a TESOL conference; it looked interesting; I've taken online classes; love the freedom they allow; and, it was something new.

What I have learned in the past two weeks is phenomenal! Besides creating this blog, I have learned how to use yahoo groups, chat on line in a group conference, chat with individuals around the world, use wiki (well, sort of), posted on Frapper, and keep track of 50 to 100 emails a day! Whew! No wonder I feel tired!

Publicly, I would like to thank the Blogging for Beginners team. What a great job you all have done coordinating all of this. My head spins when I think of the work and effort that had gone into making all of this happen for so many people around our tiny planet!

This leads me to the "spiritual" connection in all this. Just look at what one small group of people can accomplish for the benefit of so many! Imagine if we use this kind of dedication and passion to connect to others to bring healing and peace to our world.

I am but one humble traveler on this journey of Life, and I extend my hands in friendship to all those traveling along the road. May we each see ourselves in the eyes and hearts of those we meet.


Nikui Nezhad said…
Many thanks dear Linda for your compliment. Hopefully we'll learn alot while working on the task.
Dear Linda, how do you add the lables with some keywords at the end of your posts?

Best of all,
Berta said…
You are an inspiration, Linda.
I passed by to check if you were able to post your picture to your profile and I see you did, congratulations, it worked!!!

I totally agree with you, the B4B team is just fantastic!!!

Warm regards from Berta, a Venezuelan in Toronto who lived in Massachussets twice.

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