National Diversity Month

October, with all its glorious autumn color here in New England, truly showcases the biodiversity of nature.  Trees that were every shade of green are now ablaze in various shades of orange, red and yellow.  No two look a like, which always amazes me.

In my travels through the valley, I came upon two trees.  One had actually grown around the other.  One was a maple, resplendent in reds.  The other was a tall pole pine of deepest green.  I had to take a picture.

When I got home, after uploading the picture to the computer I noticed that the way the maple had grown around the pine created the shape of a heart.  The picture below shows you what I see.

This got me to thinking deeper thoughts.  If Nature in her wisdom can create an image of Love from the biodiversity of two completely different trees, then surely, we humans can find it in our hearts to love one another.  

When you think about it, there couldn't be a better example of diversity.  The maple tree is round with branches that are a tangle of color; it will loose its leaves in the days ahead.  The pine is tall  and narrow with branches that will stay green all year long.  Yet, here they stand growing side by side, entwined into each other, creating beauty for all to see.

We can create beauty like this, too.  We can grow together, entwining our lives around each other in peace and harmony.  Our words from the heart can be used to accept each others' differences and celebrate our humanness.

May the changes of autumn open our hearts and minds to beauty that surrounds us. 


By the way, October is National Diversity Month here in the US!  

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Wendy Helmer said…
Hey Linda, I absolutely love the photo and of course your thoughts and wish so much that you could come up with a poster of the two photos plus the words. I was trying to figure out how to cut and paste it to printout and have at my office. As a segue, I have to say that my thoughts after reading yours went to the recent suicides of all the young people who were bullied b/c of being gay or perceived as gay. The trees with a heart gives me hope that maybe the universe is listening and maybe people will take notice and change too. Keep on writing. Love Wendy
Linda said…
Thanks, Wendy. I will try to figure out how to make a poster for you.

Hope keeps us moving forward towards the Light. I know the Universe is listening.

Love you! L

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