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There is a quote by an unknown author that states, "Some people walk into our lives and quietly go... others stay for a while and leave footprints in our hearts... and we are never the same..."

Thanks to my first class of students in an English as a Second Language program back several years ago (around 15 years!!!), my life changed forever.

My First Class - Exchange Students from Spain

Not only did my students then, and those that followed in their footsteps, open my eyes to my desire to teach, they also helped me recognize the fact that one person can make a difference.

I had three classes of exchange students back in the 90's, I also was blessed to have several exchange students live with my family for a full year.These are some of their pictures.

Sarah, my German daughter - from the second class

More Students from the Second ESL Class

Third class of ESL Students

Patty - my Guatemalan Daughter

Pablo, my Argentinian Son and My Four Daughters

My Swiss Daughter (in denim jacket), Lolita, who sings like an angel!

To these 'valentines' I give a deep bow of gratitude for being my Muses, not only for teaching, but for writing, also. While I have lost contact with many of these wonderful students, my love and appreciation for them will last forever.


Amparo GarcĂ­a (Valencia, Spain) said…
Linda, what a lovely souvenir..... unforgotable summer with you and Florencia.

Amparo (top picture, on the right corner, red trousers!!!!).

Thnak you for uploading this picture!!
Sarah (Germany) said…

I lost your email adress, now I got it back!

Good to hear from you!How are you? How are the girls?

Do you remeber making this joke, that I am on skis every day because I sent you that picture on skis?? :-)

I´ll write you a longer mail on your mail adress!

Love, Sarah

Thank y

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