Loving Thoughts

As we come to the end of this month of Love, I want to give thanks to our four-legged, winged, and scaly friends.

It appears that humans have a need to give and receive Love. We are one of a few species that recognizes the beautiful Spirits of other species. We have pets which become for us as much family as our blood relations.

This past week, our beloved Molly returned to the Creator. She lived thirteen years with Roger (the last six with me). She was our friend in ways only those who have a pet can understand. She knew when Roger was sick and would comfort him. When he was very ill with the stenosis in his neck, she would come get me. She would get miffed when we would go out together (Roger and I) and only one of us returned home. When the other finally came home, we would find Molly sitting at the door waiting for us like an perturbed parent. She would look at us, sigh and walk away as if to say sarcastically, "Nice of you to come home!"

We spoiled Molly these last few years. She loved to have treats. Begging became a fine art, which almost always resulted in our scratching her belly before she enjoyed a dog bone. She loved wearing colorful bandannas. If the one she had one was dirty, we had to put another one immediately or she sulked! Once the clean bandanna was on, she would prance around like a super model, holding her head up high and wagging her tail.

Today, we finally finished placing Molly in her final resting place in the garden. The New England cold did not deter us from this task...simply prolonged it. Come spring, we will plant sage and rosemary over the grave. Sage in recognition of her loving spirit and rosemary for remembrance.

Our Beloved Molly - Summer 2008

May all the animals that touch our lives remind us that we are blessed, both by their presence as well as by the joy they bring us.

Blessed be!


Anonymous said…
Hello Linda,

Molly was a very special being. Sometimes I wonder if these animal souls are high beings who take on animal forms to help us learn about love. Molly seems like she was.

I am sad about your loss. I hope your wonderful memories will give you comfort.

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