Mother Love

From the first moment I knew I was expecting my first child, I was deeply in love with being pregnant, in love with the life I was carrying close to my heart, in love with mothering.

Through the years, there have been those moments when my girls caught my breath, brought a smile to my face or tears to my eyes...tears of joy more often than not. Fortunately, being a "keeper of the story," I have many "Kodak" moments to remind us all of those special times.

The following is a photo essay of my girls through the years. Each is a gem; each is unique; and each has grown into a beautiful, talented, wise young woman. I am so proud of each of them!

Gwendolyn St. Patrick's Day 1979 - Irish Knits by Nana Neas

Gwendolyn and Courtney (or could this be Adelaide and Makayla two years from now??) 1982

Gwendolyn, Courtney and Elizabeth 1983

Kathleen - in her stocking 1984

Kathleen, lover of pockets

In Cognito

Elizabeth napping with Dozo - He wouldn't move until she woke up!

Kathleen, the budding artist!

Courtney, Flower child

Elizabeth Sunshine

Halloween - Gwendolyn, the Avon Lady; Courtney, the 50's teeny bopper; Elizabeth, the pig farmer; and Kathleen, the blue Crayola crayon - 1989

Kathleen, Flower Child

My Baby - Gwendolyn 1990

Kathleen Angel

Kathleen, Elizabeth, Courtney and Gwendolyn at the Nubble, Maine

At the beach - Elizabeth, Courtney and Kathleen

Oops...where did your sister go???

Gwendolyn and Jason - Prom

Nana and Kathleen, Gwendolyn, Courtney and Elizabeth


Stacie said…
Wow, Linda. What a lovely tribute to your daughters. In the "Kathleen Flower Child" pic, your daughter looks exactly like you.

Also, I enjoy reading your Blog. It has brought a smile to my face many days.
Anonymous said…
Hello Linda,

What a beautiful family portrait! Thanks for sharing these pics, you are blessed to be surrounded by such love. Family love is a precious gem that money cannot buy.

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