Soul Connections

This is my most special Valentines. It is to those who have inspired, enlightened, instructed, nurtured and supported my through this amazing medium we so fondly call "The Web." I have not met most of these dear Hearts who have connected with me over the past year or so. Yet, they are as dear to me as those friends and family I am able to hold close each day.

I have linked their websites to their names, so that you might also share in their warmth and wisdom. Please visit their sites, consider it my gift to you!

To Janet

Fellow educator, Blogger extraordinare and hope-filled Spirit...Thank you for brightening this little corner of the world with your presence.

To Miruh

Fellow Spirit on the path, Wise friend...Your words of wisdom and hope affirm for me that we are all connected. Thank you for the Light you shine.

To Linni

Mother, Artist, Fellow traveler on the path...your words, your photos, your wisdom touched my soul each time I visit your site. Thank you for being such a beautiful example of Love and Light.

To Alexys

Beautiful Soul, Writer of wisdom...Your site always wows me. You have such a genuine gift for what is beautiful, both visually and literally. Thank you for your intrinsic Beauty and Wisdom.

To Stacie

My mentor, Sister/friend and Fellow Educator...You are my hero! Your ability to give of yourself is so precious. Thank you for your Light, Love and Wisdom.

To Rebecca

Fellow Traveler on the path, Wise woman, and Healer...The sharing of your life is an inspiration. Thank you for blessing our lives with your Wisdom, Fearlessness and Love.

And last, but never least...

To Maithri

Fellow Poet, Healer of Body and Soul and Amazing Kindred Spirit...Each time I visit with you, my soul is filled with beautiful Light. Thank you for fearlessly shining your Light into this world. Your example affirms my belief that we are connected and that Peace will be achieved through our individual efforts to heal and love our Brothers and Sisters and ourselves.

You are all Lights...Shine bright....


Maithri said…
Dearest Linda,

You shine in the darkness with such gentle radiance, such steadfast beauty...

I am moved and humbled by your Valentine gift... For truly it is your love, your life that is the greatest gift...

What a constellation of love you have gathered around you...

May the light you shine fill the world and remind us all of our unshakeable bond,

Always Love,

Hi Linda,
I am honored to be among great company.

Love is all we are armed with in this world and when we can share it, it gives us such a tremendous warmth and sanctity.

It is a right of passage for all those who walk this earthy path. It is all we are here for.

Thank you for sharing your love with me and thank you for the gift you bring to all who know you and those who bask in your effervescence.

I also agree with everything Maithri says.
Rebecca said…
I am humbled and honored by your Valentine's gift. Thank you for gracing me with your kindness and love. You inspire many and contribute to this web of love surrounding the world and it's inhabitants.

Thank you, dear one.

All is well. Life is good.
Anonymous said…
Hello Linda,

Love is the opening door,
Love is what we came here for,
No one can offer you more...

These words from the Elton John song are coming to me as I read this post.

Thank you for the honor to be included in such a light-filled community of love.

The passionate words of tender caring that you weave unite us all in a web of love.

Your light shines brightly on the blogosphere that gives so generously from your heart.

May the beautiful words from your heart bring healing to those in need and may you bask in its glow.
Stacie said…

Thank you so much! You and Roger have inspired me just as much. I'm so glad we have been able to keep in touch even though I"m not in MA.

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