Season of Love

It is the third of February already! If I don't get my act together, I will not get my handmade valentines created in time.

Each year, I try to make a simple valentine for my girls and some of my friends. Nothing too fancy. Just a little red paper, a little glitter, a little lace and a lot of Love!

This year, because my cyber family has grown in numbers, I thought I would do something a little different. This year, I want to create special valentine posts for those of you who have touched my heart and soul this past year. Your kind words, thought-filled comments and graceful wisdom helped me through some very difficult times.

So, as this season of Love descends upon us, check just might find a special valentine created just for you!


Maithri said…
You are a valentine to the world my friend,

A love letter written by the hands of grace,

Thank you for being here, for your courage, your compassion and your love,

Amparo said…
Dear Linda,

I just love your blog and THANK YOU for that Valentine picture that reaches my heart.

Love from Spain,

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