We Are the Change

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Every January 1st, millions of people around the world make resolutions to give up, do without, change, recreate, and/or begin something. They look back on the past year, see the areas in their lives that could have been better, could have been more, could have been happier and resolve to make it so in the year ahead.

One problem, almost always, most of these resolutions suddenly fizzle out around mid-February. Why?

I believe it is because they are made without the recognition that in order to bring about true change, one must remove the root of whatever it is that is causing the problem. For instance, we can try to lose weight, but, if we don't recognize and change our behavior - i.e., realize that we eat when stressed - then we will only resort back to that behavior.

After fifty some odd years of resolutions, I have decided to approach resolutions from a different angle this year. Instead of changing something about me - weight, attitude, etc. - I would begin by taking away a root of my issues. In other words, I am weeding my spiritual garden.

The best way to do this, I feel, is to begin adding to my time spent in reflection, meditation, communion and prayer. This year, I am mindfully and deliberately creating Sacred Space for the observance of Sabbath. As I have already stated in a past post, Sabbath does not have to be observed on Saturday or Sunday. Sabbath is any time you intentionally shut out the world of consumerism and materialism and connect with Spirit.

You see, I hypothesize that by observing an intentional Sabbath, the root of my problems, issues, and/or lack will disappear, or at least become something that I can cope with without becoming filled with fear and despair. The reason for this is that when we connect to Spirit, we are given Grace...this Grace brings Wisdom, Strength, Courage and the ability to do the things we are called to do.

President Obama said, "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” If we spend time with Spirit, with the Divine, with our Creator, then, we will see and have the strength to do those things we must to make this world a better place.

May the year ahead be filled with Light, Love and Laughter. May there be enough rain to create rainbows and bring flowers to life. May storms pass over without lasting damage. And, may each of us see that we are enough, that we are loved and that we have all we need, now.


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Brenda Marroy said…
What an awesome post. Like you, I know that until we see the root of our issues, and be present to what is, lasting change does not happen. Until change happens in the heart, we are always prone to go back to life the way it was.
Inspiring words. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Hello Linda,

Inspiring words for a new beginning.I like this:'...by observing an intentional Sabbath, the root of my problems, issues, and/or lack will disappear, or at least become something that I can cope with..."

One of teachers taught that facing our issues make them weaker every time we look at them. So each time we embrace them,they dwindle away more and more. An intentional Sabbath seems more productive than the traditional new year's resolution.

Thanks for your sage words.

May your wishes for the new year be increased a thousand fold for you and yours. :D
Dear Brenda,

Thanks for your visit and for sharing your thoughts. Many blessings in this New Year!
Hello, Miruh!

So glad you visited. Yes, I think taking intentional Sabbaths is much better than a list of resolutions that I know I will not keep.

Blessings to you and yours as we face this new year together.
maryAnn Kasper said…
A thought provoking idea and a new way of entering into another new year. It really is up to us to acknowledge we need to make a change before it can happen. I love Obama's quote "We are the change we seek." Thank you for expending our minds and spirit.
Love ya,

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