Lest We Forget

The fourth Paradoxical Commandment states:  The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.  Do good anyway.

How true!  There seems to be something in the human psyche that compels us to remember all the horrid, awful, sad, bad things in life, while forgetting the wonderful, amazing, inspirational and just plain, good!  

Interestingly, I had this demonstrated to my in my class the other day. (I learn so much from my students!)  I had asked them to think of events that occurred during 2011.  They came up with a long list of every trauma, tragedy, earthquake, tornado and freak storm.  Not until I called their attention to it, did they think of anything positive, which for all of them was personal.  They admitted that they could not think of any good in the community or world.  How sad!

The media gives 24/7 coverage to every horrific event, from volcanic eruptions to murders; they provide voyeuristic programming for those who want to watch the trials and tribulations of large families, dysfunctional adults and criminal minds.  All that negative energy in the world, is it any wonder that none of my students could think of something good?

Fortunately, I could because I had just read a report on a fireman in Boston that saved a young boy from a fire.  The boy's grandmother literally dropped him out a window into the arms of the fireman.  

As I told my students, there are many stories like this.  We just need to look for them.  When we learn about them we need to share them with others.  This is how we add to the positive energy in the world and around us.  (We can also demand that our news broadcasting companies provide them, but that's a post for another time.) 


As I contemplated on this particular principle, several stories come to mind that illustrate it perfectly.  The best, I think, is the story of the Old Man and the Starfish.  

One day a young man took a walk on the beach.  Ahead of him he saw someone stooping down, picking something up and throwing it into the ocean.  As he got nearer, he saw that hundreds of starfish had been beached during the recent storm.  An old man, wizened with arthritis, kept picking up starfish and throwing them into the water.

"Why are you doing this?" the young man asked.  "It won't make a difference."

The old man, not missing a beat, picked up another starfish, replying as he threw it into the sea, "It matters to this one."


In many cultures, there is a belief that we are called to this life to do good.  Many people believe that much of the world problems come from the fact that too many people have forgotten that good is done everyday around the world.  Here are some sites that promote Good News!
 As the days of our new year pass, let us make an effort to see, learn, and share good news with others.  Let us be promoters of the positive, rather than doomsayers.
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Anonymous said…
Linda, What a great message. I went to Global Good News and read the positive reports.
With the upsurge of ugliness in the world, websites where one can read about the beautiful things being done, is needed and is amazing. Thank you.
Here at home on many nights, we ask each other "What was good about your day today?"
At first it is hard, and people tend to want to go big, but start with small because everything good is worth rememboring and appreciating.
Loved your post!!!
Dear Brenda,

I am so happy you checked out the links. Yes, it is amazing how reading good news can change your perspective on life. When we surround ourselves in with positive energy, the world can't help but be better.

Blessings! Linda
Dear One Woman...I really like the idea of intentionally sharing good things at home. I am going to share this idea with my daughters to use with their families. My grandchildren are young, but if they are raised doing something like this, it might help them to focus on the positive more than the negative, which will help make the world a better place!

Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Blessings! Linda
Anonymous said…
This information is so nice, and yest your are right about the media emphasizing the "bad" instead of the good. Perhaps if it changed and we all read the awesomeness that is around us, we would percieve the world a brighter, better and more hopeful future.

Thank you for inspiring us,

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