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Cover of "Anyway: the Paradoxical Command...Cover of Anyway: the Paradoxical Commandments
Several years ago, I came across a little book by Dr. Kent Keith called, Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments.  For me, these ten short principles became my resolutions for the years ahead. If you don't know the story of Dr. Keith and Anyway, allow me to share it with you.

Back in the 60's, Kent Keith wrote the ten principles found in Anyway as a part of a booklet created for high school student leaders.  The commandments were a challenge to students, who were finding excuses to dropout and give up when things got tough.

Time past, until one day, Dr. Keith learned that eight of the ten principles were hanging on the the wall of the children's home in Calcutta run be Mother Teresa.  His words had found their way around the world!  

So, what are these principles that have traveled the world?  I plan to look at them singularly over the next month, renewing my commitment to them and, hopefully, inspiring others to join me on this journey.

Let us begin with Paradoxical Commandment #1:

People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.  
Love them anyway.

Love them...anyway.  This is such a challenge!  How often in the past year, have I thrown my hands up in exasperation at the illogical, unreasonable and self-centered behavior of others?  How so you love people like that?

What I have learned is that in order to love people, who are illogical, unreasonable and self-centered,  we need to first see their Light, realizing that they too are Children of the Universe, "no less than the trees and the stars."

Once we are able to see this connection, then we are able to love them, in spite of their failings, because in finding this connection, we see our own failings.  (After all, none of us are perfect, right?)  

So, HOW do you love them, you ask?  I pray for them.  I pray that they will be opened to the logical, reasonable and altruistic.  I pray that I will be open to the lessons they can teach.  And, I pray that each will forgive the others failings.

Does it work?  Sometimes...but sometimes not, which is where the "anyway" comes in. The "anyway" is a reminder to keep, keeping on; moving forward; continuing on the journey.  The road is bumpy, at best, but the view can be amazing!

Imagine a world where we all resolved to "Love them anyway!"   



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Brenda Marroy said…
Thanks Linda. A word that came to my mind as I read this, was tolerance. Being tolerant of others goes a long way. I can't wait to see Paradoxical Commandment # 2.
Hi, Brenda!

So glad you stopped by...yes, tolerance is a BIG step in loving others. Stay tuned, #2 on its way soon.

Peace, Linda
Happy blogoversary :)
Linda said…
Dear Teena,

Thanks so much! I had forgotten it was my blogversary!

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