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Not sure why it is, but I always seem to favor the underdog.  Since I was a kid, I felt drawn to those who were marginalized in one way or another. Perhaps, that is why I like the song, Stand by Me, so much.  I see it as the anthem for the underdog.

In the Paradoxical Commandments by Kent Keith, he says "People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs.  Fight for a few underdogs anyway."  

Who might the underdogs be?  To me, they are those among us that are marginalized, who exist on the edges of our society.  They come from all walks of life, all economic, social, religious and cultural backgrounds.  Often, they have developed an abrasive personality because they have been mistreated by the world around them for too long. Sometimes they are so sweet and unassuming that they simply disappear even when they are only with us.

As a teacher, I fight for the underdogs, often.  These are the students who don't have the privilege of parentage or finance to get them where they need to be.  These are the people to whom life has dealt a crummy hand, yet they keep trying, keep believing something good will happen.

One of my students from long ago is now working in Israel.  She is with an organization, Atzum, that struggles to help those who are victims of social injustice.  I just signed a letter on their site to the Knesset supporting legislation to fight against sex trafficking.  The motto of this organization is, "Addressing urgent need in Israel, one person at a time."

When we fight for the underdog, we do what the old man did who was throwing starfish back into the ocean.  We make a difference.  We may not be able to save the entire world, but we make a difference in the lives we touch were we are in this moment.   

May we stand by each other, when we are in trouble and when we are simply in need of a friend.  


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Martha Zimmer said…
Beautiful! Blessings to the woman who is fighting for the underdog in Israel. Martha,
Brenda Marroy said…
Linda. I have always been for the underdog also and even go so far as to pretend to be one of them in an effort to stop people from discriminating.
An example:
I was with a group of people the other night and someone made a remark about "niggers." Some laughed at the remark, but no one said anything about the racial slur.
I said, "I want you to know that I find that offensive."
"Why?" she asked. "You're not black."
I responded with, "Actually I am part black and I'd prefer to be referred to as an African American."
She was embarrassed and apologized.
The truth is: I don't think I am part black, but if I was it would be okay. But, I'll step in the shoes of another anytime I can thwart abuse of the underdog or the downtrodden.
Thank you for this post.
Dear Martha,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Blessings to you!
Dear Brenda,

The amazing and phenomenal, Maya Angelou, said at a presentation I attended that more of us need to do just what you did - that is confront bigotry and oppression when we witness it. Grant it, this is not always easy to do. Dr. Angelou suggested that when we cannot confront it face on, we can leave, thereby, not contributing to it with our presence. She used the example of looking at her watch and say, "My I was supposed to be in Hong Kong twenty minutes ago, excuse me," then she left the function that she was attending.

Bless you for advocating for our sisters and brothers.

Peace, Linda
Magda said…
" We may not able to save the entire world, but we make a difference..."
Why some people have a lot some do not have nothing. Why people in Africa do not have water but people in riches countries waste water. Sometimes I can not understand the rules of the Word but by simple things like helping in contributing money, posting on the Facebook or signing petition we can change something. We can make a difference. That make me more optimistic.
Dear Magda,

Yes, I agree, we can make a difference. One kind act at a time.


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