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Today, I am interviewing Eliza Fayle, fellow writer, artist, and kindred spirit.  Over the past few years, we have shared each others lives...the ups and downs...the triumphs and tragedies.  Through our communications, we have come to see a strong connection, spiritually.  This connection is what I call a "Soul" Sister connection. 
Soul sisters are those wonderful women who come into our lives and who have had similar experiences that informed who they are. Eliza and I have stopped counting the similar experiences.  We just revel in the fact that the Universe has brought us back together!

So, without further ado, I welcome, Eliza, today to share news about her new book.

Greetings, Eliza! I am so excited about having you visit my blog today, especially with such exciting news, the publishing of your book, Developing Our Intuitive Self: Tarot and Oracle Card User Guide.

I am going to jump right in with the questions. When did you first realize you were intuitive?

Now, that is a really interesting question! I do not think there was an, Ah Ha! Moment. I have known from a very young age that I could ‘access' experiences beyond our five senses. Time would slip for me, I saw apparitions, and I would have overwhelming intense feelings about rooms. I would say my first memorable experiences with intuition were in my late teens, but at the time, I was not mature or wise enough to label it intuition. Moreover, I certainly did not consistently pay attention to it! Interestingly, even though I knew I was psychic, I did not link being psychic and being intuitive together, if that makes sense.

In my thirties, I started to study, formally, Druidry, Wicca, meditation, and Tarot. This is when I started to label that inner voice as intuition and really start to pay attention to it. When I moved into my forties, my intuition became part of my day-to-day existence. It is simply another resource I draw upon to process the world. I also now realize that being psychic and being intuitive are part and parcel. We are all psychic (yes, we are!) and we are all intuitive.

Back when I was a girl, my mother was planning a trip by train to visit my aunt. Five minutes before we were to leave, she unpacked our bags, called my aunt and said we were not coming. That night in the paper, she read that the train we would have been on crashed. Has your intuition ever saved you or another from trauma?

Actually, I did not avoid a trauma! I was in my early twenties. My husband, at the time, and I were heading up to his family cottage. He went out the apartment door first and I followed behind, closing the door. With my hand still on the doorknob, a shock wave went threw me and I turned to him and said, “We can’t go!” He looked like a deer caught in the headlights. He said, “I know!”

Young and foolish, we decided we were being silly and left. Two hours into the trip, we were in a car accident. There is no way my husband created our own reality to the cause of the accident. Five cars ahead of us, someone slammed on their brakes causing a chain reaction pile-up. Fortunately, no one was injured in any of the cars.

Wow!  I am glad no one was hurt. What a way to learn to trust your intuition!
I believe we all are born intuitive; however, our culture negates it, so, by the time most of us are adults that part of our brain no longer functions. What can parents do to help their children maintain and develop their intuitive selves?

Do not EVER tell your child they are being silly when they tell you something that does not make sense. I owe my parents a huge debt of gratitude, in fact.

When I was small, I had a fever. I looked into the doorway of my bedroom and saw a very tall bearded gentleman. I knew he was there to make sure I was okay. I asked my mother who he was. My mother could not see him, but she knew that I saw someone. It freaked her out, but she never portrayed that to me. She calmly replied that she wasn’t sure, but it was okay that he was there. Many years later, she researched our home and, on a whim, asked me if I remembered the incident; could I describe the man. I accurately described the original owner of the home. My father had to walk me through several similar incidents. He just kept calmly talking to me, assuring me that whatever I was seeing was okay.

I have always encouraged my children to believe in what they experience, even if it cannot be explained in a rational way. All three of my children (2 girls and 1 boy) have grown into strong intuitives, and for their ages (all in their 20s) are wise well beyond their years.

What made you decide to create this guide?

Like you, I believe that intuition is an innate gift. When we tap into it, making it a package deal along with our other five senses, we have incredible decision-making powers. Unfortunately, many of us have lost touch with our intuition.

Using Tarot or oracle cards is an excellent and fun tool for being reacquainted with our inner voice. I created this guide so that women can start using Tarot or oracle cards effectively in very quick time after getting their own decks. There is no huge learning curve in using oracle cards. My goal is to get them listening to their intuition, quickly.

Of course, like any skill, the more informed you are and the more you practice the more you get out of it, which is why I will be following up with more detailed guides and workshops! *smile*

How long have you been using Tarot cards? Do you use other aids for your zeroing in on your intuition?

I actually rarely use Tarot cards now, preferring oracle cards. However, I am well versed in the Tarot, having taken advanced courses in it. This means, I have consistently used either Tarot or oracles cards for almost twenty years.

Just a note: I do think it is important to learn the Tarot, even if you end up using oracle cards. The Tarot covers very important basics, such as symbolism, color, astrology, and alchemy. Again, this is something I will cover in more guides and workshops.

Yes, I use other tools. I do stream of consciousness writing and daily meditation. I, also, employ visualization when reading the cards.

What is the difference between Tarot and Oracle cards?

Tarot cards, although different pictorially one from the other, follow a formula, and are actually the forerunner of today's playing cards. Oracle cards loosely follow this formula, but are created more along the inspirational whims of the artist.

How can the readers obtain a copy of your book?

Developing Our Intuitive Self: Tarot and Oracle Card User Guide is found at Eliza's Books.
Is there anything else you would like to share about intuition with the readers?

If I could pass along one message and one message only to women, it is “You have all the answers! Every single one!”

We second-guess ourselves to death, but the answer to every, single challenge we will ever face is found in our intuition. We simply need to listen.

In closing, I would like to thank you, Linda, for this interview. You are someone I consider my Soul Sister, and one day you and I will have to do a post on just how eerily connected we are. Hugs to you.

Thank you, Eliza! It has been a pleasure to share your book with the readers.  I look forward to learning more about intuition and how to access it from you.

Eliza Fayle, in her own words, is "...a woman who has entered the stage of life called Forty Plus. My body is changing. My mind is changing. Mostly for the better, but some of it not.

I believe in the three traditional stages of womanhood – maid, mother, crone – and I look forward to transitioning to that final stage. However, I wish to do so fully informed on the associated challenges and issues, so I can meet them with intelligence and grace.

I believe in sharing knowledge. I believe in telling stories. And, I believe in community. 

I am also the author of Silver & Grace. A place where I can share the knowledge gained through research, tell stories of my experiences, and build a community of like-minded women.

So, who am I?

I am a beautiful woman being guided to graceful aging.

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Kath Fearing said…
I have long believed that women have (whatever you might want to call it) inner voices or intuitive feelings. How many times have we said to ourselves, 'I wish I had listened to my gut feeling' ? I think that as we mature we feel less pressure to do as others tell us and more inclined to do what we feel is best for ourselves. Thank you for this beautiful post. I've told my children for many years to listen to their hearts and follow what it says. What a wonderful, liberating way to live.
Kath Fearing
Ah, Kath, another Soul Sister! So glad you came to visit, today.

It is liberating when we listen and follow our heart, or gut or that "little voice." I have never regretted doing so, even when it was difficult to do what needed to be done. In the end, it has always been better.

Glad you are a "listener." Love you!
Eliza said…
Kath, it is interesting that as children it doesn't occur to us to do anything but follow our gut. As 40+ women, we go back to following our gut. There is this silly period in between where we stop listening. Fascinating.

Linda, thank you so much for this opportunity to share my thoughts on intuition with your peeps, and for your kind words about my guide. Hugs!
rebecca said…
I really enjoyed reading this interview, thank you Eliza and Linda. It was very interesting to read about how your experiences has developed since childhood - and how you repressed your psychic capacity and intuition in your 20s / 30s. I am going through a similar experience right now, so it was fascinating to read how you dealt with it Eliza.
Greetings, Rebecca! So happy you found a connection with this post.
Jen said…
I've had these kind of experiences all my life but have generally brushed them aside because they don't make sense. Last week I dreamed that my neighbor and his wife were splitting up. I don't know them well, I don't know why I dreamed of them. Two days after the dream my other neighbor told me that indeed they had split up. Things like that happen all the time. I can usually tell who is calling on the phone before I look at the caller ID. I don't question it but haven't figured out how to benefit from the knowledge yet. Thanks for a great post and so much to think about.
Hi, Jen!

One of the things I learned early on from my mother was not to question, but accept what I saw, heard, felt. I have had dreams or been "told" to do or go or say something I normally wouldn't. When I ignored that little voice or dream, I always regretted it. When I listened, amazing things happened. So, I listen without questioning. Sometimes, the knowledge is simply there for us to hold onto, other times, there is a need for us to do a particular thing, such as pray. In the case of your neighbors, I would say praying or offering good thoughts that they each find their way through this difficult time is what is called for now.

Glad you stopped by. Peace!
Eliza said…
Hi Rebecca,

Incredible power is to be gained coming into our own intuitively. It opens up a whole new way of processing. Enjoy!
Eliza said…
Hi Jen,

What Linda said! LOL

I think a key challenge we face as women is questioning ourselves. I do not know at what point we are taught to question. I wish I could pinpoint that exact moment in a female's life,so I could make it my life's mission to prevent it from happening!

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