A Worn Path

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Fifty years ago, I was a tween enamored with our new president.  At age eleven, events in the world have the potential to shape your outlook on life. The words, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your county," informed my dedication to social justice and peace work.  It also informed my philosophy for life in general.
Ask not what your family can do for you, but what you can do for your family, or your church, or your school or your community.  After fifty years following a worn path to equality, peace, and justice, I have come to believe, to know that if we are ever to get to the end of the road, if are ever to enter the Promised Land, then it will be through thinking and doing for others.

Our leaders in Congress need to look at JFK's speech, actively listening to the words and applying them to their lives.  The US is being strangled by partisan politics.  Our senators and representatives have forgotten that they are in office not to represent their party, but to represent The People.  One does not have to be a member of any party to see that the citizens of the United States are struggling to live, let alone flourish. 

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If we want to continue to shine a light for the world, then we have to remember that Lady Liberty shines her light for all, not just the wealthy, the highly educated, or the completely healthy.  If we want to continue to lead the world in creative solutions, amazing art and profound literature, then we must bring the arts, critical thinking and creative pursuits back into our schools and communities.  If we want to have a society that is proud to stand before the world, then we must stop ignoring the disenfranchised, the fringe dwellers, and those without capital to fight the system.

At age eleven, I dreamed of a world where my grandchildren would live in peace with everyone.  Fifty plus years later, I continue striving to make that dream a reality; I continue to follow a worn path left by those who have gone before.  Won't you join me?
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Jen said…
JFK died before I was born and I wonder sometimes if coming of age during the Reagan years hasn't somehow influenced me, and my generation, differently than the one before us. It was a cynical age and most of my peers are cynical. We all need to be reminded of serving others, something easy to forget in these tough times because it seems to be all about getting what is yours. It's not, there are a lot of people who do a lot of good.
Linda said…
Thanks for sharing, Jen. I think that what happens when you are a child definitely influences your perspective, which is why is is important to be able to study history, see what happened before, what led the world to be the way it is and work to make a difference.

There are a great many people who do good. What happened after Reagan is the media focused heavily on the negative until that is all we get...horror stories 24/7. I don't watch TV for this reason. But, I do keep up with what is happening in the world and I look for good news and share it where I can. Many from your generation are doing amazing things all around the world.

Thanks again for sharing. Namasté

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