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It is day two of the New Year.  I am up before the sun on a gray winter's morn doing a bit of self-reflection on the past year.  As an optimist, my reflection is all about counting my blessings; however, I also want to take stock of what didn't work this year.

The highlights of the past year have been many.

  • My daughter, Kathleen was married.
  • My daughters, Gwendolyn and Courtney each gave birth, adding to our ever-growing family.
  • My daughter, Elizabeth moved back to New England.
  • Many friends and family visited the Enchanted Cottage.
  • My second book, Gogo's Dream: Swaziland Discovered was published.
  • I reconnected with several old friends via the internet.
  • My quest to become a minister of peace and justice through interfaith dialogue has moved forward.
Just a few of the things that have not worked for me include, being unemployed, being sick, and not being able to exercise.
As we enter 2011, I am determined to continue my self-reflection.  I will find a position that utilizes my gifts and talents.  I will build my health through continuing my new diet. I will continue to walk daily.

Self-reflection doesn't really work if you only look at the good stuff.  I learned that long ago.   It is what causes us to repeat the same mistakes over and over.  Who wants that?  Therefore, mindfully looking with a non-judgmental mind at what has past, seeing the lessons, learning from them, all helps us to grow.  By growing, we are better able to be to face the challenges presented us as we continue down Life's path.
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Alv0808 said…
Have a best days ahead in 2011. Happy new year..
Linda said…
Happy New Year to you, also! May your days be blessed.
Hi Linda,

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. May the blessings of love, reflection and light fill your heart.
Linda said…
Blessing to you, also, Alexys! Hope the year brings a wealth of love and joy!

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