This Must Stop!

Angel of Grief

The news from Arizona of the past 24 hours has been so disheartening.  After listening to a commentary by MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, I felt I must write.

Mr. Olbermann's commentary was an act of bravery the likes of which we haven't seen in many years.  His words are a call to all citizens of this great country to stop being stupefied by the drone of media that simply inundates us with negativity.  It is a call to all to stand up to those who believe that it is OK to "joke" about violence, or "kid" about hurting others.  


It is not OK to abuse others verbally.  It is not OK to allow others to abuse people mentally, physically, or verbally.  We ALL have the power to stop this form of domestic terrorism.

We have the power to tell advertisers and TV stations that we will not buy their products, or watch their channel if they continue to show news programs that condone hate, violence and abuse.  We have the power to tell our politicians, if they don't make a stand against abusive rhetoric, scare tactics, hateful mudslinging, then they will not get our vote.  We have the power to encourage others to stand with us against these crimes against innocent fellow citizens.  We HAVE THE POWER!

If we want the bullies out of our schools, we need to get them out of our pulpits, out of our town halls, out of our communities!  We have the power to say, "Enough is enough.  This ends now!"

Over ten years ago, after the murder of a dear friend's son from an assault with a handgun, I joined a group of mothers who matched through the streets of Portsmouth, NH to protest the lack of gun control in our country.  At that time, I found the inspiration to spontaneously move to the microphone to make this statement.

"Automatic weapons and handguns were created for one purpose and one purpose only...that is to kill human beings.  Hunters are against gun control because they believe it will infringe on their right to hunt with firearms. I do not believe this to be true. Automatic weapons and handguns are NOT used in the hunting of animals. Automatic weapons and handguns are for killing people.  The last time I checked, there was no hunting season for humans."

I still believe this statement to be true. 
We Must stop the violence. 
We Must have gun control. 
We Must stop the abusive rhetoric.  
We Must Do It Now!


Photo: By Marcusmoseley (Own work)  via Wikimedia Commons


Alv0808 said…
I agree..we have a right to say NO..good sharing
Linda said…
Thank you, Alv.

What's most important is that not only do we recognize we have the right, but we do what we can to change things. As my dear friend, Maithri would say, we need to "love the world into change."

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