Where the Heather Meets the Stone

Writing a book of poetry is, in many ways, a thankless task.  Yet, we poets continue to write and re-write in order to publish our humble offerings in the hopes that someone somewhere will find them worthy. Poems are a labor of love.

My latest book is one such labor of love.  I carried it, like my children, close to my heart for many years before it was ready to be delivered into this world of words and phrases.  Like many labors, it was difficult.  The gestation of this book was longer than I had hoped.  The first poem was written many years ago, when I first contemplated finding my Irish roots. It was the seed from which all others grew.  These poems quickened as we traveled through Ireland and later, after I was home, ruminating over the hundreds of photos I took.

Where the Heather Meets the Stone is finally available to the public.  If you purchase it, I hope you will find something within the pages that will touch, inspire, enlighten or cheer you.

Now, I am off to prepare for my next writing venture...30 Poems in November, the annual fundraiser for the non-profit at which I work.  We bring literacy to refugees and immigrants.  More on that in the days ahead.



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