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After a lifetime of writing musical poetry, Bob Dylan has been recognized for his contribution to the Literature of the World by the Nobel Prize committee.  I am so happy!
There are some critics that argue that Dylan does not deserve this most honored award.  These naysayers mainly complain that what he wrote isn't any better than other songwriters.  What they don't get is that the other songwriters' works were not the anthems for generations of freedom fighters, peacemakers and social activists from around the world.
BBC demonstrated just how poetic Dylan's songs are by posting a recording of several of their famous actors reading the words of the songs we have come to know so well.  The poetry is more than obvious.  The fact that the words Dylan wrote inspired people to seek peace, seek change, seek connection is the foundation for why the Nobel committee honored him.

For me, Dylan's words, his songs, have touched so many parts of my life.  Since the early days of my budding social consciousness to the present time as I teach and minister, his poetry has soothed, encouraged, inspired and affirmed what I believe to be true. 

Congratulations, Mr. Dylan! 


ellie said…
Good to read your article. I'm very glad he got this award. All the best to your writing.

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