In Remembrance of the Anishinaabeg

Today, I honor the ancestors - those whose lives were taken, yet whose Spirit still lingers from the mountain tops to the valley, from the waterways to the desert.  Today, I celebrate the resilience of the Native people who kept to the Red Road, so that we who came after might learn, might hope, might continue to honor and care for all that Creator has given us. 
 Close to the horizon 
 Under the heart of the Sun 
Come the Anishinaabe. 

The breath of the Moon guides them. 
The circle of their lives is woven 
Into All that IS. 

Their stories are held in the heart of the Stars. 
Their songs serenade the Wind. 
Anishinaabe, Anishinaabe. 

Children of the Ancient Ones… 
 Brother Bear, Sister Sky… 
Wolf and Eagle still call your name… 

Linda M. Rhinehart Neas ©1998


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