Spring Fever and the Poem a Day Challenge

 A wee bit of green pushing through 

Well, dear readers, I have to admit that I have had an acute case of spring fever over the past month.  Just have not been able to get out of my own way, but, the good news is...I am over it!

The medicine I used to snap me back into writing mode is the Poem a Day Challenge - Thank you Robert Lee Brewer!  I am so excited to be crafting poems each day that I feel once again the creative juices flowing.

So...Happy, happy Spring!  Here are a few new poems to start off April with...enjoy! 

the beginning was difficult 
water on cement 
nothing getting through 
panic – I begin again 
the middle seemed sufficient 
a spark to kindling 
something was happening 
caution – I continue onward 

the end made my day 
a garden in full-bloom 
thoughts begin connecting 
joy – I end class 

4-1-2014 © LMRN 

To Travel 

Bird song, my whistle - 
The garden, my carriage - 
Spring sun - all the energy I need 
to travel into the land of the bards 

Like a fairy, I fly high into Imagination, 
landing in Possibility, just a breath away from Doubt 
but safe in the Valley of Hope. I 
meander along Love's babbling brook - 
saunter over the sidewalks of Wonder and Awe, 
until I find a bench overlooking the Land of Muse 
where I sit, meditating the dreams of a poet's heart. 

 ©2014 LMRN 

Family history often comes 
 in the snippets found by purest accident. 
Born at sea was what auntie's birth certificate read, 
but, I had never know the story 
that, now, was too late to learn - 
something in my writer's mind won't let it go, though - 
Imagine - 
During the upsweep of wave, 
during the rock and roll of la mare, 
the natal journey begins - a journey within a journey! 
Then, somewhere just off shore, 
the crescendo of wind, water and woman, 
meet to expel a child, who will forevermore 
be a daughter of the Neptune, 
not of Mother Earth. 

© 2014 LMRN 



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