Music of Sacred Lakes by Laura Cowan

Every so often, I am asked to review a book.  When Laura Cowan, author of Music of Sacred Lakes, wrote about her book, I didn't hesitate to say yes.  

Music of Sacred Lakes intrigued me on several levels.  First, it is the tale of a young man who has lost his way after a major tragedy.  Second, he finds himself through the guidance of Native American wisdom.  Third, it takes place in a part of the US that I knew well.

As I read this epic, I was touched by how carefully Laura incorporated Native wisdom.  At times, her writing is poetic, especially when describing the mysticism of the Lake.  In addition, her characters are all entirely believable.  I felt I knew them - could recognize them if we ever met.  To me, this is great writing!

There are lessons to be learned in this book; it is not simply a tale to entertain.  Laura weaves wisdom throughout the story that holds true today as it did centuries ago. This is a great book for anyone who is struggling as well as for anyone who wants to read well written fiction.

I am so grateful to Laura Cowan for sharing Music of Sacred Lakes with me! 


Author's Bio:

Laura K. Cowan writes imaginative stories that explore the connections between the spiritual and natural worlds. Her work has been compared to that of acclaimed fantasy and sci-fi authors Ursula K. Le Guin and Ray Bradbury, but her stark and lovely stories retain a distinctly spiritual flavor. Laura’s debut novel The Little Seer was a top 5 Kindle Bestseller for free titles in Christian Suspense and Occult/Supernatural, and was hailed by reviewers and readers as “riveting,” “moving and lyrical.” Her second novel, a redemptive ghost story titled Music of Sacred Lakes, and her first short story collection, The Thin Places: Supernatural Tales of the Unseen, received rave reviews. Laura’s short stories also appear in a number of anthologies, including the charity anthology Shades of Fear, and the upcoming historical horror anthology Sins of the Past, the rather ridiculous soon-to-come PANTS! anthology, and the completely absurd upcoming Faery Tale Therapy. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, or connect with her at laurakcowan[at] or on her website



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