What Do You Make?

Several months ago, I came across a video by Taylor Mali, a teacher who answered the question, "What do you make?" with eloquence and finesse. I shared the video with my soul sister, Eliza Fayle.  She was so inspired by it, that she began putting together a book of women who make a difference.  

Yesterday, in an email, I received a copy of her second edition of Women Who Make a Difference.  Surprise!  There I was, along with seven other amazing, talented and wonderful women. 

Let me tell you a little about Eliza.  She is a dynamo when it comes to affirming and supporting women.  Here website, Silver and Grace gives women over 40 a variety of topics to ponder - everything from what to wear in the summer to great reads and dealing with aging parents.  Eliza is a no holds barred type of woman.  She looks at, ponders and discusses everything from breast cancer to vaginal creams.  She does it with humor, yet, she gives solid information that is worth the read.

If I may be so bold, I would answer the question, "Eliza, what do you make?" with an resounding, "YOU make a difference - for thousands of women around the globe!"  

Thank you, Dear Heart, for your love, friendship, guidance and understanding.  I bless the day our paths crossed!


Eliza Fayle is an intuitive mentor, creator of Touchstone Designs and founder of the Silver and Grace community of women.
Visit her at: http://elizafayle.com/
Get your free copy of the Women Who Make A Difference ebook at: http://silverandgrace.com/women-who-make-a-difference


Eliza said…
I am so blessed to have you in my life, Linda. Thank you so much for the gracious words and huge huge thank you for your inspiring contribution to this book.
Cathy C. Hall said…
Ah--I had a feeling it might be you! ;-)

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