The Gift of Friendship

One of the wonderful things about the internet is the ability to connect with people around the world.  Over the past three years, I have "met" many wonderful people, who share my love for writing, social justice, and peace.  Melissa Foster is one of these people.

Melissa's new book, Come Back to Me, has just been released.  Like the characters in her previous books, those in Come Back to Me draw you in and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Melissa is our guest writer, today.  She is sharing her thoughts on friendship, a gift that is most definitely a mitzvah for both parties - double blessing! Friendship is a theme found in all Melissa's books.

Friendships That Stand The Test of Time, by Melissa Foster

What would life be like without friends? I, often, wonder about the loneliness that might take over, and how that loneliness might impact other aspects of our lives. Friendships are to be cherished; we’re taught that from a very young age, and for me, that theme is woven into every one of my novels. Whether the characters are mother and daughter, such as Megan and Olivia in Megan’s Way, or husband and wife, like Molly and Cole in Chasing Amanda, the strength a friendship lends itself to characters, as it does to people in real life, pulling them through the toughest of scenes.

There are other friendships, both in life and in books, that speak to us in many different ways. Friendships with those with whom we are not related, for example, carry different types of strength and tests of fortitude than those previously mentioned. With lovers or mothers, siblings, or other relatives, there is a natural bond that has grown over time, developed from birth, or built on love (or maybe lust for new relationships until the friend becomes a spouse?).

Friendships with those we are not romantically coupled, with people who simply touch our lives in such a way that makes us want to be around them, help them when they’re down, cheer them on, or rant and commiserate with them until they smile, those friendships are unique. There’s a special connection that doesn’t exist between all people, and that special something is not tangible, but is as real as the earth you stand on.

In my newest release, Come Back to Me, I was able to explore such a friendship. On the outside, Tess Johnson and Alice Workman appear to be complete opposites. Tess, a type A organizer, madly in love with her husband, happily engaged in couplehood, and Alice, a cold, control-driven woman afraid to commit. Their friendship worked, even blossomed, because what one lacked the other possessed. When you look past the façade that they both work so hard to portray, you find two women who are very similar—each vulnerable, afraid to expose their inner selves. Once unveiled, their similarities bond them together, and again, their ability to compliment each other’s weaknesses pulls them through.

The world is an interesting place, and as with fictitious characters, we sometimes find others, who sing to us in a way that we cannot ignore, and when we find those special few, there is no holding on. The friendship just “is”, without questions, without concern. It is ever-present.

Would you like to share a favorite friend story? We’d love to hear it.

About Melissa

Melissa Foster is the award-winning author of two novels, Megan’s Way and Chasing Amanda. She is the founder of the Women’s Nest, a social and support community for women, and WoMen’s Literary Café, a literary community where there will be two books launched and a 99 cent event next week!  (You won't want to miss it!)

Melissa's interests include her family, reading, writing, painting, friends, helping women see the positive side of life, and visiting Cape Cod. Melissa enjoys discussing her books with book clubs and reader groups, and welcomes an invitation to your event.

Visit Melissa’s website,

I would like to leave you, our readers, with this last thought on friendship, "Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies." -Aristotle




Thinkhappy said…
Hi Linda,
As always, it is a pleasure to be a guest on your blog. Thank you for hosting. xox

Kath Fearing said…
I am blessed over the years to be able to stay in touch with friends I've made, but, unfortunately live far away. It's almost like having them in the same room with me when I read their posts on facebook and then send a reply and share a laugh or a tear. But more than that, keeping in touch with friends reminds me every day of just how important friends are in my life. Thanks for posting this.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts Kath! I miss you...I am so grateful that we have FB and all that to keep in touch. Blessings!
Thinkhappy said…
Dear Kath, friends are so important to all aspects of our lives. I do think social media has been an answer to many who have lost touch, and that's a good thing--as long as we don't all become hermits. lol. Thank you for commenting.

maryAnn Kasper said…
Soulful friends are the ones who accept you as you are, and love you no matter what. I have a friend who moved away many years ago, but we still pick up where we left off when we connect. Val is the kind of friend who could come to my house and not care if the bathrooms are clean.....because she sees me as nothing more than I can be!

A lovely article to read very affirming,
MaryAnn Kasper
Dear MaryAnn,

What a blessing friends like your friend, Val, are! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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