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After a month-long look at Giving Thanks, I am taking a month-long look at Gift Giving.  Tis' the season in many cultures around the world.  That being so, I will look at some of the aspects of giving, pondering questions such as, who gives; why do we give; are there rules to giving; what are the traditions around giving; when do we give; are there specific ways to give, etc.

To begin, I will share a few lines from a little book (literally) by Dean Walley - Gifts of the Heart.

"Giving's receiving,
Receiving is giving!
That's really the secret
That lies behind living.
So give something each day
And you'll find that it's true...
All the gifts of the heart
Will be given to you."

Giving is receiving and receiving is does this work?  Each time we do a kindness, we give the gift of our self to another through that kindness (Giving does not need to include the exchange of presents.) In accepting that kindness, the person receiving the gift give the giver the opportunity to do something for someone else.  
In Yiddish, the word, Mitzvah, means "good deed."  The belief is that when you do a good deed you bless both the giver and the receiver making the act a double mitzvah.

The thing about gifts from the heart is that, like Words from the Heart, there is tremendous power in them.  Gifts from the heart have the power to unite, heal, bless and inspire.

During this month of Giving, let us be more mindful of the gifts from the heart that we give daily.  Let us remember that these gifts come with no strings attached.  In other words, they are freely given without any concern for repayment, praise or even gratitude.

May the blessings of giving be yours today and all the days to come.


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Thanks, Meleah! I am happy you visited.

Blessings! Linda
Margo Dill said…
Gifts from the heart--we do take those for granted way too often .Thanks for the reminder. :)

Your welcome, Margo! Glad you came by! Blessings of this wonderful season of Light and Love.

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