News Flash! Spring Arrives

Dateline - Western Massachusetts, April 12, 2011  

Residents of a small New England town today woke to a surprise appearance by the ever-elusive, Spring.  In short order, a celebration was organized.  Daffodils lined roadways, streets and paths, crowded into fields and front lawns, waving their yellow bonnets. Tulips gathered in groups to await a glimpse of Spring as she passed by. An impromptu chorus of the Jazzy Jays, Rocking Robins and Sweet Sparrows filled the air with song.  The celebration lasted well into the evening hours, when the Peepers took over the music venue, harmoniously serenading Spring as she rested after a busy day about town.

For those in other New England communities, Spring will be making an appearance, never fear.  Her schedule is quite filled, but she has promised her public that she will visit each and every community leaving behind her own special works of art along the way.

For more information on Spring's appearance in your community, check the local weather channel or consult the Farmer's Almanac.

Images of Spring's visit to the area in 2010:

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