Bloom Where You Are Planted

Nature has a lovely way of surprising us.  So often, where we see decay and waste, suddenly we see beauty spring forth.

Nature teaches us lessons.  Bloom where you are planted.  The daffodils in the picture above are a brilliant example.  Hanging tenaciously to the side of the pond, they are blooming in profusion; a welcome sign of spring. They could be washed away if there are heavy rains or crushed underfoot, but in spite of that, they bloom.

We, too, can bloom where we are planted in spite of difficulties and hardships.  This is a lesson I have learned over the years that once again has become evident in my life.

Daffodil field in South East Cornwall
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The past year I have been struggling to find a full-time position.  I have several part-time jobs writing and teaching, but nothing permanent and nothing that gives benefits.  I could look at this as a negative, but instead, I have found that it is an opportunity, almost a calling, to do something new with my life.  So, I have taken this opportunity to write more, develop my craft and learn more about comparative religion. How do I do this?

Connecting to Spirit has always helped me bloom. Remembering to take time to be silent, to listen, to wonder, to accept, to acknowledge, to give gratitude and to ask forgiveness is an act that should be done daily.  Remembering to breath deeply into my solar plexus is another part of the process.  Like any seed that is planted, the seeds of the spirit need to be nurtured and cared for, eliminating the toxins in life aids in developing strong, sturdy blooms. Feeding the soul with the beauty of Nature, the Arts and Loving relationships is another essential.

Life, as they say, is filled with choices.  We can decide to wither away in an environment of self-doubt, despair and dissolution, or, we can thrive in an environment of Love and Light.  

Bloom where you are planted!  The world needs you.

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Kath Fearing said…
People who have not taken you as a full-time employee are missing something wonderful. You are intelligent, creative, and respond to others in a caring and meaningful way. I can only wonder where their heads are.You are so special, Linda. And there are many people who would agree. Oh! I think I see you blossoming! I can see you all the way into Tennessee.
Linda said…
Dear, dear Kath,
Thank you for your kind words. I am doing my best, looking at what else the Creator wants me to be doing, asking for signs and teachers.
I am taking a course, which just happened into my email after I spent an evening in prayer, with Grandmother Flordemayo, a Mayan Elder. The course is offered through Shift Works. So far it is more than wonderful. I am feeling more empowered to go forward with my calling to be an interfaith minister. I just know this is where I am supposed to be.
Watching you bloom, as well, Beautiful Friend!

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