Earth Day - Every Day!

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It is not often that I go into a rant about something, but celebrating an occasion or feeling that should be celebrated daily just about sends me into a tizzy!  Three observances fit this description - Valentine's Day, Earth Day and Thanksgiving.

By singling out one day to share the love, concern or gratitude, we give permission not to recognize those emotions the rest of the year.  Therefore, it is no surprise that today, Earth Day, when much of society is taking a moment to realize that Mother Earth is dying beneath us, that I want to scream, "Wake up, folks!  We need to love the Earth everyday!"

The trash that has surfaced after this long winter is just one little example of our careless regard for our planet.  If each of us took the time to find a recycling bin or disposal can, if we spoke up to people you carelessly drop their trash wherever they are, if we left a place, as we did in Girl Scouts, cleaner than when we came just think how beautiful the world would be.

On top of all that, just think how much better life would be if we didn't carelessly use resources, if we insisted on greener energy, greener cars and greener communities.  

One day a year isn't going to cut it.  We need to practice Earth stewardship EVERY DAY!  

Let's all give Mother Earth the best present ever...our promise to celebrate her every hour of every day of every year, instead of once every 12 months.


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