Words Heal

It never ceases to amaze me how a few kind words can heal the most grievous wounds. 
"I'm sorry."  "Forgive me." "I'm here." "I love you."
Simple phrases; easy to say.  Sometimes, we say them without thinking.  But, when we take the time to look into the eyes of another human and say with all our heart these phrases, healing happens.

Interestingly, these same phrases are seldom said to the one person who needs to hear them the most...ourselves!

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said, Forgive me, or, I love you?
It's not easy.  We feel foolish.  We don't see the need.  
It's a shame, really, because when we are not able to love or forgive or care for ourselves, we cannot truly be there for anyone else.

It took me many years to forgive myself for not being the perfect daughter, the perfect wife, the perfect mother.  Once I was able to understand that it was OK not to be perfect; it was only necessary to try to be the best you can be, healing happened. 

The moment I forgave myself, I was able to say without shame or hesitation that I love "me."  

Don't get me wrong, this wasn't a magical fifteen second revelation.  It has taken me years.  It was hard work.  Sometimes, I slip back into old habits.  Forgiveness is difficult, love is difficult, caring is difficult.  The difficulty, the fear lies in the chance that you may get hurt again.  I won't lie, you probably will get hurt again.  

However, the good news is, that with forgiveness, comes new opportunities to love and care for yourself and others. 

May you see the Sacred in yourself as well as others.  Namasté!


Hi Linda,

What a nice and positive affirmation. I agree, we often neglect ourselves and carry burdens of heartache inside of us.

Loving is really an inside job and to be good to others, we have to be good to ourselves.

The biggest illusion is to shatter is that there is no perfect, we live, we learn, we grow. That is enlightenment.
Alv0808 said…
Hi Linda,

Im still learning how to love myself after much resentment in my life. The words 'sorry, forgive me, love you' very rare in my life. I mean I always say that but nobody care. In fact I never received those comforting words lately.

I agree with Alexys..love is inside job.
Linda said…
Dear Alv0808,

It is difficult to feel love when you, personally, are not being loved and respected.

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. In loving and respecting ourselves, we create the energy that will attract love and respect from others. It is a very difficult task.

May Loves gentle mantle wrap around you and may you find Peace.
Linda said…
Dear Alexys,

You are so correct! Life has become so much easier since I stopped trying to be perfect!

Thank you for your kind words.


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