Words that Bring Hope

Have you ever had the experience where something you said really made a difference in someone's life? Isn't it amazing how that happens?  Often, we don't even think about the impact of those words.  They just come to us.
Hope is a wonderful gift to give another.  Hope that things will change.  Hope that dreams will come true.  Hope that prayers will be answered.

Gogo's Dream: Swaziland Discovered was written with words of hope.  Hope for the Gogos of Swaziland, hope for the children and hope that the words of the poems found within its pages would somehow touch the readers, inspiring them to reach out to people they don't know.

 Gogo Ndzimandze with her Grandchildren and Dr. M

My close friends and family were great.  They immediately purchased a copy of the book, so I was able to send all the profit from those few sales to Possible Dreams International (PDI) to aid Dr. Maithri Goonetilleke and the PDI staff in the work they are doing to bring hope to the peoples of Swaziland.

People like Gogo Ndzimandze and Gogo Ida who have benefited through the generosity of others and have enough food to feed the children and a home that keeps critters out, sheds rain and holds in the warmth.

 Gogo Ida

I had a wonderful blog tour recently, which spread the word about PDI and the work they do.  I had lots of people visit the bookstore online to view my book.  But, no sales.  Needless to say, I was disheartened.

Dr. M and the PDI staff in front of Gogo Ida's new house
So, in an effort to continue supporting PDI and my dear friend, Dr. M, I have lowered the price just a bit.  ALL the profit will still go directly to PDI.  
It is my Hope with a heart full of expectation and gratitude, that my readers will find it in their hearts to make this small gift to PDI


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