Words Connect Us to the World

There aren't too many people today in the world that do not have some form of communication device.  Phones, cell phone, mobile phones, computers, hand-helds, blackberries, Ipods, notebooks, laptops...the list grows daily.  We are no longer a world where the words of others take hours, days, weeks or years to reach the other side of the planet.  Today, at this very moment, what I write, the words I use can travel at the speed of light to readers, or listeners in China, Australia, India, Africa.

Words connect us.  They bind us in Love or repel us in fear.  This is why it is so important to be mindful of what we write, or say.  Too often, unconscious comments are flung through the Universe creating pain and tearing us apart.  

As we move forward in time, let us take the time to be mindful of our words, whether written or spoken.  Let us center each syllable in Love and Peace.  When our words connect us to the world, let us create bonds strengthened by our mutual Respect and Compassion.



Anonymous said…
This is beautiful Linda, I think about this when I read the political news. People are so affected by the words in the media and on-line, giving authority to them.This is a great reminder for mindful blogging where we can at least have a say in what we want to create.

Thanks for this reminder!

Love and blessings!
Linda said…
Thank you, Miruh! Your kind words made my day.

Love and blessings to you, too.
Joanna Cake said…
I love this.

People just throw out off the cuff remarks without ever thinking about the damage they might do.

As Thumper's Mother said in Bambi: 'If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all'

But it's more than that, it's thinking about the ramifications of what you say. Sure, there are always going to be foot in mouth moments - man, am I guilty of that!

Just try to keep other people's feelings in mind as you go through life.

Since I started yoga last year, the ethos of non-violence to myself as to others is reinforcing a creed that I guess I always had and it extends to words as well as actions.

Nameste Linda x
Linda said…
Thank you for sharing your own experience, Joanna. None of us is perfect, and I have certainly had foot-in-mouth dis-ease from time to time. Being mindful is key to keeping that from happening. Like everything, it takes practice.
In my old age, I am getting better at it!
Peace and Joy...Linda
Margo Dill said…
Beautiful post and so true. :) Think of all the people who would not be in trouble right now if they would just listen to your words here!

Linda said…
Thanks, Margo! I'm not sure if my words would make that much difference, but as my mother would say, if only one person gets the message, you have done what is needed.

Blessings, Linda
Eliza said…
Hi Linda! I am going to take that one step further than words spoken and in writing. I firmly believe that words 'thought' are powerful enough to influence the world. They do not have to be spoken out loud. Therefore, I try to be mindful of what I even think.
Linda said…
Oh, Eliza, you are so correct! Being mindful of our thoughts is even more difficult than keeping our feet out of our mouths.

Thank you for such a valuable reminder.

Gentle peace, my friend!

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