Visions of Spring

Sunset in Old Deerfield

The last few weeks have been glorious!  We have actually had spring here in New England, which hasn't happened in a bit.  (Last year, it seems we went from 4 feet of snow to 90 degrees in less than a week! No spring!)
Here are a few glimpses of spring in my neck of the woods. 

Forsythia gathered on Easter morning

                                Pink Rhododendron in front yard

          Butterfly bush in Old Deerfield

Old Deerfield cherry tree    
Bleeding Hearts


Close up of pink rhododendron

Ms. Bumble Bee working hard 
Pretty Maids all in a row! 

Looking Within (There's a lesson here somewhere!)

Forget-me-not gone wild
Each day as I gaze upon the gardens, something new catches my eye; something new reminds me that there is more to this life than meets the eye; something new captures my imagination, reminding me that the Great Creator is at work.  How grateful I am to be able to appreciate such wonder!


Anonymous said…
So beautiful Linda!

It feels so tranquil, a spot of magic in your little corner of the world.

Thanks for sharing!

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