Home Again

My youngest daughter just experienced one of the most difficult times for a young woman...waiting for her sweetheart to return from war.  We give thanks that our Austin returned safe and sound from Afghanistan. 

We also give thanks for his friends who didn't make it home.  May their family and friends find peace in their memories of times spent together.

Finally, on this Memorial Day weekend, we give thanks for all those loved ones who have been put in harms way defending their country.  God bless them all.


Alv0808 said…
Thanks to God!! and I believed your daughter was the happier person..GBU
housewife9988 said…
Deeply understands how a mum feels for her daughter and the girl feels for her sweetheart...
It's just heart breaking worst for all those friends who didnt make to return!..
Why war in this century of life, are we still in Barbarian time?
Miruh said…
Hello Linda,

What a blessing for your family!

May you and your family have a joyful reunion this Memorial Day!

Love and blessings!

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