Glimpses of Creation

Photo Credit:  Linda M. Neas 2010

One of my favorite poems is "A Passing Glimpse" which tells of a passenger on a train trying to determine the flower that caught his/her attention as the train traveled through the countryside.

This past week, I was given a "passing glimpse" immediately after hearing that my car was destined for the scrap heap.  (When you only have one car that your livelihood depends on, this is not the kind of news that makes you jump for joy!)  As I was slowly making my way into the house, wondering what we were going to do next, a motion in the arborvitae at the side of the house caught my attention.  There, tucked at eye-level into the foliage was a nest with two little robins.

I ran into the house to grab my camera, hoping that the little ones would still be there.  Thankfully, they were there and I captured the picture above.  After the picture was taken, the little ones sat looking at me.  Like any grandmother, I told them how cute they were, thanking them for the picture.

All this took but a few minutes.  I left to put the photo on the computer, eager to share the experience with my beloved.  An hour of so later, we left to do some errands.  I pointed to where I had taken the pictures.  Roger looked...nothing but an empty nest**.

"Heaven gives its glimpses only to those/not in a position to look too close." Frost

** Baby robins usually leave the nest at about 2 weeks.  Obviously, these little ones where on their way when I was given the blessing of capturing them on film.


Alv0808 said…
Love that snap!!
Sharon P said…
What a delightful photo and a serendipity for you to see the little robins when you did. Another person might have missed it completely, but you were open to the possibility--if only we could always be so tuned in to our natural surroundings!

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