Dreams Are Possible


Several years ago, I published, Gogo's Dream: Swaziland Discovered, after meeting a young Australian doctor and poet online at a website that shared poetry with the world. His words and use of language touched my poet's heart. Before long, he was sharing his work with me as he traveled to Swaziland, now called Eswatini, to care for the Gogos (Grandmothers) of this tiny landlocked country that had be decimated by AIDS. The Gogos were left caring for the children after their sons and daughters died, leaving the children without parents. 

The work Dr. M did, started with just a few helpers and has grown to an international organization, Possible Dreams International, with supporters from around the world. One of the reasons I support Dr. M's work is that this is not an organization that slaps a bandage on a bleeding artery and walks away.  PDI works with the people of the community, gets them involved in self-care and teaches the community how to be self-sufficient. They build houses, bring clean water to villages, provide sanitation for homes, build community centers where the Gogos can gather with their grandchildren and work together to teach, nurture, and support each other. 

All royalties of my book (both paperback and eBook) go directly to Possible Dreams International.  


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