Albrecht Dürer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Over the past two and half months the feel of helplessness has washed over me in tidal waves. Like standing on the shore watching someone drown without the means to rescue them, I have been watching, as systematically, the things I hold true - education for all, care of the elderly and veterans, care for single mom's and children, justice, the Constitutional rights of all people - have been slashed, cut, stepped on, ignored, and violated. What to do?

My mind wanders back to a day, long ago. I was very young, but I understood that what was being shown in the news terrified me. I turned to my mother, saying what can we do? Her reply still echoes in my head, "When you think you can't do anything to help, you can always pray. Then, do something good for someone else."

This has been my practice over the years when life overwhelms me with horror and pain. I pray for change, then do what I can in my own small circle of the world to make things better.

Goodness will always triumph. Remember this! Yes, it may get difficult, it may be painful, but it will get better. We must remember to breathe. We must remember to stretch our minds, hearts, and bodies. We must remember to keep moving forward, even if that movement is only infinitesimal.

I may only be one woman sitting at a desk typing on my computer, but I know that the pebbles of kindness, love and compassion that I drop into the ocean of the Universe are far-reaching. My promise is this: I will not give in to that helpless feeling. I will continue to pray for change, breathe, move forward and reach a hand out to help the best I can. 

Blessings to all.


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