Eagle Huntress

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After I viewed this film, I did what I normally do - surf the web for information about the director, the movie, the actors, etc. Unfortunately, I didn't do this before I wrote my blog. Had I done so, I would have said that while this is a "true" story, there is a certain amount of question as to some of what we are led to believe.  Many thanks to Meghan Fitz-James for her comment and head's up.

I bring this up, not to discourage anyone from seeing the film, which is truly breathtaking, but so that those who do see it are aware that Aisholpan is not the first eagle huntress in the history of Mongolia. She may be the first in her own family, but eagle huntresses have over a 2,000 year history, according to Adrienne Mayor, Stanford University History professor.

I wish that the promoters of the film had done a better job at telling the truth behind the history. Women's history has been negated, twisted and ignored for far too long. Creating false impressions does nothing to help women's history.

All this said, I still believe that the story in and of itself is lovely. Seeing a father and daughter working so gently and lovingly with each other is heartwarming. Seeing the dedication and the determination of this young girl to live her dream is equally inspiring. 

Please read on for the rest of my post...

On this International Women's Day, Roger got us a film to watch that celebrates the tenacity and courage of women.  The Eagle Huntress is one of the most beautifully filmed movies I have ever seen.  

Director, Otto Bell's telling of young Aisholpan's dream of becoming an eagle huntress and her father's support of her dream are simply heartwarming and inspirational. 

What I took from the film is something I learned many years ago.  The people in our lives who, during those tender years of maturing, support and encourage our dreams, give us the greatest gift we can receive.

I recommend this movie for everyone.  I give it two thumbs up, five stars and a standing ovation! 


To all the amazing, strong, courageous, tenacious, talented and beautiful women in my life - Thank you for your inspiration, instruction, support, encouragement, sympathy, kindness, friendship and most of all, your love!  I am blessed to be me, because of you!


Aisholpan gr8t! Witness calls filmmaker claim BS https://t.co/8jT8t0wQNm BUT https://t.co/WDTVt1n4Ny & https://t.co/QCbHH5UKti
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Rev. Linda said…
Dear Meghan, Thank you for your comment. Yes, Aisholpan was a delight to watch and her story inspiring. I have read the controversy. I believe that regardless of whether it was actual or staged, the story has a powerful tale to tell of father/daughter love and respect and the tenacity of a girl to be who she is.
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I hope you also saw about the 1USD contract? Though redone the filmmaker has never explained why he did not ensure informed consent from the father. He has therefore never explained that act of exploitation. He goes on about how he was poor at that time. Which has no bearimg on thecontent of the contract or the fact that it was literally presented as a case of "Here, sign this". He hasnever mentioned the exposure of this issye on RV on Mongolia in 2014 to over 19,000 voewers andthat there was press conference etc. It as though it never happened. And the genesis story is also imconsistent and contradictory. I have been reached out to by two VERY informed locals. One said "the whole town does not talk aboutthe film because they know it is a made up story". I also have had several reports from very strong sources that the eagle festival was fixed for filming purposes. I am sure the truth will come out some day as the truth is wont to do. Thank you for being aware of the ethical issues and for considering the ramifications/implications in the bigger picture. As a story it is very benign. Next up, animation....where the money will be. It is important that consumers are aware.

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