Giving Thanks on Labor Day

Back in 1894, almost 125 years ago, Congress declared the first Monday in September to be observed as Labor Day.  Everyone knows this holiday as the "official end of summer." But, few know how it came to be or why.

A labor union leader and carpenter, Peter McGuire thought American workers deserved a day that honored what they did.  His proposal was presented to the New York Labor Union in 1882. Union officials thought it was a good idea, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Thanks to McGuire and others like him, we not only have Labor Day, but we also enjoy a host of other benefits of which most of us are unaware.  Unions gave us weekends without work, child labor laws and holiday pay, just to name a few. (You can learn more at

As I sit in the sun, enjoying the time to write on my blog, a "job" that brings me great satisfaction, I give thanks for all, past and present, who have protected workers and workers rights.  I offer a prayer for all those who must work today in order that we may be safe, well-served and healthy.

Remember the words of Dr. Maya Angelou..."Nothing will work, unless you do!"



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