Bits of Wisdom

The older I get, the more I realize that wisdom needs to be shared.  This used to happen when we came together in long houses, around campfires, and at the kitchen table.  Today, wisdom comes in bits and pieces that often lack the personal connection of a parent, grandparent or familial elder.  I find this unfortunate, but, I have also learned from my Elders that we MUST share wisdom with the world NOW.  

So, my gift to the world on my last day being 62 is 62 bits of wisdom.  My greatest joy will be to know that you find something here that resonates with you.

62.  No matter how old you are, you are never too old to dream and to have goals. 

61.  Gardens are great places of healing.  Visit often.

60.  Water is the life blood of Mother Earth; we MUST protect both.

59.  Children are wiser today; listen to them.  They have a lot to teach us.

58.  Music should be a part of every day!

57.  If you write, you are a writer.  If you sing, you are a singer.  If you paint, you are a painter.  If you dance, you are a dancer.  Don't let others tell you otherwise, because no one is perfect, so Enjoy!

56.  Cherish the moments spent with those you love.  Someday, they will be the memories that carry you forward.

55.  Forgive - it is the greatest gift we give ourselves.

54.  Parents are not perfect.  Forgive them. It will free you to do better.

53.  If it doesn't look like food, it isn't.  Eat close to the Earth.  In other words, if the food had to be processed twenty times before reaching your plate, it is not healthy.  Food picked, washed, eaten is healthy!

52.  Small acts of kindness do more for individuals than we will ever know.

51.  A life partner who respects, cherishes, honors, love and supports you is worth more than all the wealth of all the world.

50.  Grandchildren are one of the greatest joys in the world.  They remind us that we go on.

49.  As women, we were told from an early age to be quiet, sit still, don't talk back. NO ONE has the right to silence another.  Find your voice; share your opinions, but listen to others, too; dance through life, even if others snicker.  They simply wish they could be you!

48.  Fear keeps us from living the lives we are meant to live.

47.  We travel though life surrounded by others, but alone in our decisions.  Choose wisely.

46.  Life is fiercely, dream with abandon, hope eternally.

45.  Dance!  You are never too old and the rhythm is never too fast!

44.  Be alone often.  Listen to the ocean, the trees and the creatures; they have much to teach you.

43.  There is always room in your heart for another, just as there is always room at the table for one more.

42.  Share from your bounty.  The gift of plenty wasn't given to horde.

41.  Stop each day to appreciate Mother Nature...even dark, gloomy skies have their beauty.

40.  Spirit is part of everyone.  We may see Spirit in different ways, but we are all part of the Essence.

39.  Children are given to us.  We do not own them.  Never try to make them into yourself.  They must find their own way on the Path of Life.

38.  Nurture a child's creativity.  Creativity is what brings us great cures, innovations, peace.

37.  Often, families are not blood-related; however, they are no less precious.  Celebrate diversity!

36.  Love is for everyone.  No one religion, political group, culture "owns" Love.  NO ONE has the right to limit Love.  Love connects us all!

35.  Words are powerful.  They can nurture, enlighten, encourage, heal, inspire.  But, they can also crush, destroy, enslave, punish, and oppress.  Choose wisely!

34.  Some people DO only cross our paths once and are gone.  Cherish what they teach.  Share those lessons with others.  Give thanks for their finding you at all.

33.  One person cannot do it all.  But, we can do something, even if it is only to say,"Yes, I agree," or "No, this must stop!"

32.  Weeds are simply flowers that have gone out of fashion like last season's styles.  Be wise about pulling them.  They have a job to do in the ecosystems of our yards.  

31.  A home-cooked meal shared with friends nurtures both body and soul!

30.  Before throwing something away, ask yourself how it can be reused, re-purposed or recycled.

29.  Rediscover your roots.  Knowing where our ancestors came from and the trials and tribulations of their journey answers many of the questions we have about ourselves.  Learning about our ancestors brings healing.

28.  Sing!  Sing a song!  If you can't sing, hum!  Singing heals.

27.  Poetry is the language of the people.  Read it.  Write it. Don't let others tell you it must rhyme!  Poetry is painting pictures with words.

26.  Be Grateful.  Every dayGratitude gives both ways. The giver is happy; the receiver is happy.  

25.  Read real books. Smell the pages. Sit in old libraries or in windows or by the sea.  Real books are windows to who-knows-where!

24.  Collect real art.  It doesn't have to be expensive.  Frame something the kids painted or drew.  Artwork is a piece of the artist's heart and soul.  Displaying it in a place of honor gifts both artist and owner.

23.  Eat your greens!  Kale, collards, spinach, beet greens, mustard...they are good for you!  Just don't over cook them!

22.  Savor dark chocolate.  It is better than Prozac!  

21.  Walk barefoot in the garden or along the shore.  Let your feet touch Mother Earth and feel her energy flowing through you.

20. Cut flowers for your home or office.  OR, if allergic, keep green plants.  They clean the air, add beauty and remind you that Mother Nature is awesome!

19. Hug...often!  Hugging helps us stay healthy - lowering blood pressure and promoting those good hormones that keep us smiling.

18.  Get out for a walk often, if not daily.  15 minutes outside in the sun and fresh air helps keep a body healthy.

17.  Take naps.  I have learned in my old age that naps are good for me.  I nap often! (AND, the world is still here when I awake!)

16.  Never pass up an opportunity to tell someone you love that you love them...never!  ALWAYS tell your family, I love you, before leaving them...ALWAYS!

15.  Hold hands...with your beloved, with your children, with your best friend.  

14.  Eat fruit daily.  An apple a day WILL keep the doctor away!

13.  Gather regularly with people of like mind.  A half an hour with kindred spirits is worth more than words can say!

12.  Play with children.  Slow down and listen to what they have to say.

11.  Snuggle with babies, puppies and kittens.  

10.  Turn the media OFF!  The constant barrage of negative news does nothing more than deflate our spirits and cause us to worry needlessly.

9.  Try something new.  You are never too old to learn!  Never!

8.  Help others.  Whether it is holding a door, lifting a package or shoveling a path, small acts of kindness mean the world to people.

7.  Say please and thank you, especially to waitstaff.  Many of the people who serve us are never appreciated.  They deserve to be treated with respect and appreciation.

6.  Give anonymously.  Even if the donation is a few dollars, do so without grandstanding and tooting your own horn.

5. Hold space every day to connect to Spirit. 

4. Laugh at least twice a a joke, watch a comedy, listen to a stand-up routine...whatever it takes, but laugh!

3.  Tell people something nice about themselves when you meet them.  Find something...the color of their eyes, the style of their hair, their socks...something!  Your comment might be just the thing that makes their day.

2.  Love your self!!  You are amazing and wonderful.  But, you can't truly love others if you don't see that in yourself, first.  

1.  Be full of wonder!  The world is an amazing place...look closely and deeply...there are still wonders to be found in the smallest nooks and crannies




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