National Poetry Month

April is here and one of the things I like best, besides spring flowers, is that it is National Poetry Month, which means I participate in the Poem-a-day challenge on the Poetic Asides site.

Robert Lee Brewer is the editor of Poetic Asides. Each morning, he gives the participants in the challenge a prompt to inspire their writing.  He has a gift for giving prompts that really get the old brain cells churning first thing in the morning!

As I have done in other Poem-a-day challenges, I am sharing some of poems with you. 


innocence with red curls 
magically grown to bear 
a nation of beauties 
until wizened, only eyes 
show what is essential 

His note 
three words 
I miss you 

Her reply 
heart opened 
I am yours 

His mistake 
he won 
this precious prize 

Her choice 
heart broken 
wiser beyond words 


All poems © 2016 Linda M. Rhinehart Neas


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