Blustery Day

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By blmurch - wikimedia commons

I remember reading to my girls the Winnie the Pooh books.  They loved hearing about the blustery day.  I used the word recently to describe the crazy, windy weather we are having of late.  It was received with a look of, "What did you just say?"  I quickly added that the wind was so strong to which the other person smiled and said, "Oh, yes it is!"

Am I getting so old that I know use words that the younger generation do not understand?  Is vocabulary going the way of cursive handwriting and tête-à-têtes? 

As a lover of words, I want to start a movement to resurrect words like blustery, rutabaga, peregrine and goluptious.  Yes, I know I can say windy, turnip, hawk and delightful, but the other words roll off the tongue with such delight! I mean, they are totally ambrosial!

Besides, using words that have several syllables helps the old brain cells from failing because you have to think before you say them! 

What are your favorite words?


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