Easters Remembered

Easter is upon us and as families around me prepare for this holy of holy days, my thoughts are lingering in the past.

Now that my daughters are grown with families of their own, there are some things about Easter that I truly miss. I know that it may seem crazy, but I miss the joy of creating special outfits for them each year. Most of the time, I made their dresses, trying to pick just the right color fabric for their individual personality rather than dressing them identically.

In addition, I would immerse myself in the pattern books, searching for something that could be individualized with different collars, different sleeves, or different trim.  I even enjoyed recreating their Easter bonnets each year to match their new outfits.

Another task I miss greatly is picking out flowers to bring or send to my mother.  Momma almost always got hyacinths from us, but every so often we would find tulips or daffodils that were so unique that we just had to get those, instead.  No matter what we sent, I knew that next year, they would be peeking their heads up out of the leaves and mulch in her garden. A true example of rebirth if there ever was one!

So, however you celebrate this season, may you enjoy renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation!  




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