As New Year's Day Ends

 We found Joy visiting the Peace Pagoda with our Bridget over the holidays.

New Year's Day 2014 is nearly over.  I find myself restless to begin this new year.  There is this feeling of standing back stage waiting for your cue to be given - part fear and part anticipation.  

I don't do resolutions, as such.  I believe they are traps that cause us to think less of ourselves because, almost always, we cannot accomplish our resolution. Life gives us enough opportunities to struggle, why make more?

So, I dream or wish and my dreams have come true, as witnessed this year when I published another book and became an ordained minister.  This year brought friends from near and far to visit, gave me time with my growing number of grandchildren and allowed Roger and I to escape for an overnight to a lovely Bed and Breakfast in Vermont.

What to I dream of this year?  My biggest dream is to go to the Provence with Roger.  We are nearly there...  I dream of writing more...publishing another book of poems, finishing my novella and publishing my children's book that has been in the works way too long!

I also hope and pray that I will be able to minister to those who need me most - that the words I write will touch their hearts.

Some of my friends are sharing their word for the year.  I have chosen Joy.   I will look for Joy in the drudgery of each day, I will try to find moments to bring Joy to others and I will share whatever Joy comes into my life with all.  What a Joy it is to share this with you!!

What's your word for 2014?



Nasser N said…
Wish you and Roger a great year! I really hope you get to go to Provence! Oh the lavender fields :) I'm planning my vacations for the year too, New England is on the list (no surprise there).
Nasser - Yes, the lavender fields and the history of the Provence and, of course, Van Gogh!
Looking forward to your visit to New England...any idea when?
Blessings! Linda
Julie Luek said…
After a medical journey with my son this past year, I felt like I was facing each day just keeping my nose above the water line. It was good, though: my son is now cancer free and it caused me to dig deep into God for spiritual strength. This year my theme is: Fear Not. I'm ready to quit treading water and swim into waters that may feel a bit fearful. Happy New Year.
Nasser N said…
not until Winter 2014 this time :)
Brava, Julie! Leaps of faith are frightening, but almost always have amazing results. How wonderful to hear about your son! May the waters you swim through this year be calm and filled with grace.

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