Amid the background noise of lawn mowers and traffic, I am being serenaded by the birds.  Their song is so breathtaking.  I must pause in my work and listen.

What is it about listening to birdsong that relaxes us?  I can be in total frantic mode, yet, if I stop to listen to the birds, my entire being relaxes.  I become calm, centered and at peace.

Could it be that these small winged beings are the Divine's messengers?  Is this, or could this be where humans got the idea for angels?

I don't know the answers, but I do know that when I stop...when I open my ears and heart to listen, something happens deep inside that brings me back to center...brings peace.

May you hear the birdsong that surrounds you and may it bring you peace, also.



Kath Fearing said…
You've nailed it, Linda. Listening to the chatter of birds from my back porch in the afternoon is so peaceful and relaxing to me. I cherish those times.
Julie Luek said…
I love birds. They delight me. Even when my budget is tight, I try to find money to fill my feeders so my back tree is filled with my friends. There is a constant trilling as hummingbirds gather around the sugar water feeders. I keep my windows open so I can hear them. Lovely post.
Thanks, Julie! Yes, the hummingbirds are fascinating! Ours hoover in front of our faces from time to they are saying hello! Just love them!
Kath...Why am I not surprised!! Love you!

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