Poem for Dad

Over the years, I have written poems about and for different people in my life.  I have shared many of them here, knowing that the words I write might also touch another's heart and soul.

With Father's Day fast approaching, I thought I would once again share a poem I have written to honor the men in my life.  
  • For my Dad, who died over five years ago, but he is still such a huge part of my life.  

  • For my brother, who lives not too far from me, was my childhood buddy and co-conspirator.  During our teens through our forties, we didn't see much of each other, but now, we are able to share with each other, regularly.
  • For my sons-in-love, the young men that have fathered my grandchildren and cherish my daughters. They constantly amaze me with their talents, creativity and wisdom.

  • For my sweetheart, who is one of the most sensitive, loving fathers I have ever met.  His ability to guide, rather than push; to advise, rather than dictate and love unconditionally are what make him such a great Dad.

So, a poem for all the Dads I know - Oh, I almost forgot my amazing men-friends, who are shining examples of how to be a great Dad - this is for you, too!

He's Our Dad

Young or old
near or far -
you are the one
that was there
to guide,
to advise,
to love - even when
loving was difficult.
You gave of yourself -
even when 
exhaustion sat heavy
on your chest, 
like we did when we played -
you the pony - or the bear -
or the elephant marching 
through our pretend jungles.
You taught life lessons - 
like, how to paint a wall,
use a hammer,
change a tire,
take responsibility,
make do, do over or do without.
You played music,
danced - to our embarrassment! 
cried - real men cry -
you told us that.
You are our hero -
our role model -
our Dad!

© 2013 Linda M. Rhinehart Neas

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Julie Luek said…
What a touching tribute to the men who have impacted your life and the lives of those you love and nurture. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you, dear Julie, for your kind comment!

Blessings, L

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